Farmgirl Photography | {Personal Post | Balancing Act}

{Personal Post | Balancing Act}

March 15, 2017  •  2 Comments

A little update on Farmgirl Photography...straight from the heart!

It's been a huge blessing to have my passion for photography blossom into a successful and growing business.  I also really enjoy being able to work with cows and calves all day long because of my full time job on our family's dairy farm. However, success and busyness in life also brings with it more there only being twenty four hours in a day! It's been wonderful to work with understanding family who allow me to sneak away from the farm for my photo shoots when need be.

Despite my best coffee-fueled intentions, however; after extremely busy summers of photography and farm work, I began to realize that I was doing myself and others a disservice. Trying to swing two "full time" jobs meant my life was out of balance. I was putting work above my own health and my relationships with those around me. Thought and prayer led me to the realization that some things needed to change before I burnt myself out and lost my inspiration. 

 One decision I made was to stop shooting weddings, even though I really enjoyed it and had great clients it was a very time consuming undertaking. In contrast, engagement and senior sessions are less time consuming and allow for plenty of creativity, so I will still being shooting them as often as I can! Allowing myself to say "no" even to some opportunities I was very excited about; though difficult- has been very freeing and has allowed me to say "yes" to the right things. 

By no means will I be abandoning my camera. I will be making time for those things that I really love photographing: people and their animals! But, I will also be making time in my life for my health and my relationships by saying "no" a little more often and putting the important things first. Thank you all for supporting my photography journey...2017 is going to be the best year yet! 


Can't wait for more! :)

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Awsome shots looking forward to more, best of luck
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