Farmgirl Photography: Blog en-us (C) Farmgirl Photography (Farmgirl Photography) Sat, 09 Jan 2021 11:19:00 GMT Sat, 09 Jan 2021 11:19:00 GMT Farmgirl Photography: Blog 120 70 {4.4.2020 | Our Wedding!} In the nine months since Erik and I met each other God has been answering prayers and orchestrating so many details in our lives. With all the upheaval in today's world it's reasurring to know we can trust in His plans; they may seem crazy to us but they are perfect! Even though our original weddings plans had to change, It was actually pretty fitting for us to get married in the barn, that's where we had our first "date" and where we get to work together every day!


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{2019 | Year in Review | Part Two} Favorites from 2019...part two! 

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{2019 | Year in Review | Part One} Sharing my favorite images from 2019! 

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{Senior Session on the Farm | Matthew | Class of 2020} Matthew's senior session was one of my favorites this year!

Not only did we capitalize on some beautiful fall weather and light we had a lot of fun in the process. 

Matthew was another of this years "dairy scholarships", read his story below! 

One of my favorite activities to participate in is dairy judging. In 2016, our team won the state 4-H dairy judging contest. That fall, we went on to win the National 4-H Judging Contest. I placed first overa ll in reasons and was the tenth overall individual. After winning the national contest, we judged internationally at the Royal Highland Show. I have also been involved in Dairy Bowl. I’ve participated on the 4-H and Dodge County Junior Holstein teams. One highlight was in 2016, when the Dodge County team won the Wisconsin 4-H Dairy Bowl Contest. Our team then had the opportunity to represent Wisconsin at the National 4-H Dairy Bowl Contest in Louisville, Kentucky.

I have also been very active in the Wisconsin Junior Holstein Association. This past January I was elected to serve as a Junior Activities Committee member. I, along with seven other youth members, work to plan and coordinate both statewide and national events including Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention, Cow Camp, District Holstein Shows, Wisconsin State Championship Show, Midwest Spring National Holstein Show, and this year's National Junior Holstein Convention. Through thhis opportunity I have had the pleasure of meeting many new people and gaining many new leadership tools along the way.
This year, I am also the President of the Lakeside Lutheran FFA and have been Vice-President and Secretary the last two years. As an officer I work alongside our team to plan and run events including National FFA Week, monthly meetings, and a few other activities during the year. I helped to build our chapter from the ground up, as our chapter is only five years old, and is currently the only private school with an FFA chapter in the state. During my time in FFA, I have made it my priority to go out and reach new members and hold successful events that involve both our members and people in the community.

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{Seymour Senior Session | Lila | Class of 2020} It was so much fun working with Lila and her family on her senior photos.

There was plenty of laughter to be had, especially when we tried to "herd" the sheep!  

After a bit of rescheduling we got a perfect sun drenched evening, as you will see in the images below!

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{Folk Song Farm Senior Session | Addie | Class of 2020} Addie and her mom traveled all the way up from Illinois to meet me at Folk Song Farm for senior pictures! 

They were both so much fun to work with and we were blessed with an absolutely beautiful September evening. 

Fun fact: cattle trailers work as great as huge natural reflectors! 

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{Ellsworth Senior Session on the farm | Riley | Class of 2020} Sharing another "Dairy Scholarship" senior session! This one included some photogenic brown swiss and a definite fall feel.

Read Riley's story in her own words below: 

My name is Riley Anderson. I am currently a junior at Ellsworth High School. I live and work on my family's dairy farm. On the farm, I milk cows with my sister and help feed calves. During the summer, I show my animals at many different shows. I am an active member of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and also the Wisconsin Brown Swiss Association. Throughout my high school career, I have been involved in our FFA chapter at school where I will be serving as the Vice President next year. I am also very involved in the local 4-H club. This year I will be showing at my county fair, Wisconsin State Fair, Minnesota State Fair, Brown Swiss State Show and a couple others. With going to many shows I have met so many people that have help me influence my passion in the dairy industry. With having you taking my senior pictures you would capture my true passion and dedication. I hope you will consider me for this scholarship! 
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{Iola Senior Session | Kasandra | Class of 2020} Kasandra's senior photo session was a family affair including some special moments remembering her father. 

This young lady has a contagious megawatt smile and was a joy to photograph!



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{Iola Senior Session | Zoe | Class of 2020} Boy, did we have an interesting (and fun) evening for Zoe's senior shoot. To start I enjoyed photographing Zoe with some of her four legged friends; next there was an awesome field of sunflowers we were able to use as a backdrop until a storm blew in and chased us down the road where we found some sunshine and even a rainbow! The wind added a fun element to the photos too! 

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{Antigo Senior Session on the Farm | Lily | Class of 2020} Farm families are generally just pretty great people and Lily and her family were so much fun to work with.

I loved seeing this hard working young lady's passion for dairying and hearing about her involvement on the family farm! 


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{Senior Session on the Farm | Katrina | Class of 2020} Another dairy scholarship session on the blog! Katrina's story, in her own words, follows. 

My name is Katrina Hoesly and I will be a senior at Denmark High School next year!
Involvement in the dairy industry has been ongoing and extremely important in my life. I am a member of the Wisconsin Holstein Association and the American Jersey Cattle Association, as well as the Brown County Jr. Holstein Breeders. I am notably engaged in the Denmark FFA Chapter, as I have been a member since 2016 and have held officer positions such as the 2017-2018 Secretary, 2018-2019 Vice President, and President for 2019-2020! FFA has expanded my involvement by offering many opportunities such as dairy judging contests, speaking contests, and chances to develop leadership qualities.
My dad and grandpa are my biggest inspiration as they sparked my love for the dairy industry at such a young age. I used to help my grandpa feed calves milk every night as well as bring the cows in from the pasture. My dad continued to inspire me after my grandpa's passing as he taught me how to mix feed rations, give vaccinations, determine illnesses, feed calves, and much more. I worked with my dad on Burrodz Registered Holsteins until my parents' divorce, which caused me to move to the Green Bay area. Despite the drastic change of moving into the town of Denmark, I found ways to connect to the dairy industry. I received a job at Kvitek Dairy where I was given the chance to work with dairy cattle again. Being employed at Kvitek Dairy continuously strengthens my knowledge of dairy cattle and better prepares me for my career as a veterinarian. I accepted another job at Baycroft Cattle Co., where I remain to work with Wagyu beef cattle. Even though it is a beef farm, the owners, Jim Hoskens and Jill Stump, have a strong background in the dairy industry and help me increase my involvement. They have gotten me involved in dairy judging and dairy quiz bowl in Brown County! The transition of working with beef cattle seemed to be hard, but turned out to be relatively easy as the care of the cattle is similar to dairy. At Baycroft Cattle Co. I have learned many new ways of treatment, feeding rations, and much more which I can carry with me.
After graduation, I plan on attending the University of Wisconsin - Platteville in the fall of 2020 where I will major in Dairy Science with an emphasis in Pre-Vet. After receiving a bachelor's at Platteville, I plan to attend the School of Veterinary Medicine at Iowa State University. My career goals as a Veterinarian include caring for the health of animals and working to improve public health, as well as diagnosing, treating, and researching medical conditions and diseases of pets, livestock, and other animals. The job also includes performing surgeries, dressing wounds, prescribing medications, taking X-rays, and much more. 
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{Wautoma Senior Session | Brooke | Class of 2020} Brooke's senior shoot was great fun, we had so many awesome photo opportunities to choose from all in one location.

How adorable is Brooke?! And her animal friends made for some awesome "props!"

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{Musical Senior Session | Connor | Class of 2020} Connor is the third sibling from his family I've had the pleasure to photograph.

All of them have an abundance of musical talent! 

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{Senior Session on the farm | Tyler | Class of 2019} Sharing another dairy scholarship session! Tyler definitely has a passion for cattle. Here's his story in his own words:


September 16th, 2011. A day I will never forget. Ever since I was old enough to walk, any chance I got was spent on my grandparents farm. At the age of three I started showing calves and that is when I found my true passion in life. To this day, I can still walk through that barn and tell you where each and every cow stood and a few details about their pedigree or breeding status. When I found out my grandparents were selling the herd, I knew my life was about to be changed forever. 
    Prior to the sale I showed dairy cattle at local, state, and national levels. I was also heavily involved in my 4-H club and the Marathon County Junior Holstein Association. In the past, I have participated in Dairy Jeopardy, Dairy Bowl, and the Speaking contest at Wisconsin Junior Holstein Convention. I bought my first calf at the Purple Ribbon Classic sale in the spring of 2009 and I had a lot of success with this heifer in the showring and later in her life she scored excellent 90 points. After my grandparents sold their herd, I housed a few show heifers at my aunt and uncle's house, Dream-Team Holsteins. For the next few years, I worked there and showed some of their heifers, however they lived almost an hour away and it became hard for me to stay involved. During this time, my cow had a bull calf that I wanted to keep to raise as a steer. I brought him to my grandparents barn which was near my house so I raised him up and that is where I got started on my beef journey. We all know that the dairy industry is struggling right now and this caused my aunt and uncle to have to sell their cows so all my connections to the dairy industry were lost. As this was happening, I was growing my small beef herd and starting to raise some market hogs. Soon after, I got a job as a calf feeder at Fischer-Clark Dairy, a 700 cow dairy near my house. Working here was a real eye opener for me as I was used to working in a 27 cow tie stall barn. At this job I was responsible for washing and sanitizing feeding equipment, feeding grain and milk, watering, bedding pens, and various other tasks in the calf barn. I was also able to help with parlor cleaning and moving heifers when I was available. Not only did this job teach me a ton about agriculture and the dairy industry, but it also taught me many skills I will be able to use in life such as responsibly, time and money management, and record keeping. After this job, I moved onto Holt Creek Farms, a 60 cow dairy in the area. It felt good to return to the small style of dairy farming that I was raised with. Here, I was responsible for feeding calves, cleaning and bedding stalls, and milking cows along with helping move heifers and trim hooves when needed. This job help expose me to more of the management side of operating a farm. 

    Currently, I have no direct connections to the dairy industry as I am working at Majestic Farms Greenhouse and Landscaping along with raising beef cattle and pigs. I am currently raising 4 show pigs and 3 market pigs along with 6 registered shorthorn beef cattle. I am still actively involved in the Marathon County Junior Holstein Association, Classic Country 4-H, and Wittenberg-Birnamwood FFA and have served in many officer positions in these organizations. I am also currently accepted to Northcentral Technical College for the fall of 2020 double majoring in Vet Science and Dairy Science. After college I plan to work as an AI Technician and grow my beef and pig herds. 

   The dairy industry has been a huge part of my life and helped me develop into the person I am today. I have learned countless life lessons during my work in the industry and it’s unfortunate that life chose a different path for me currently but I know I will return to the industry after college. I would like to thank Farmgirl Photography for this wonderful senior picture opportunity and all your support to the dairy industry. 


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{Senior Session on the Farm | Elise | Class of 2020} Elise is one of the sweetest and most photogenic people you could hope to meet! 

We had a picture perfect evening for her session and I am always excited to photograph a senior who is also a cow lover!


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{Senior Session on the farm | Brenna | Class of 2020} I'm excited to be sharing the first of my dairy scholarship senior sessions!

Brenna is so sweet and you can really tell how much she loves her cows. I'm sharing her story below in her own words: 

Hello, my name is Brenna Murry. I am the sixth generation raised on my family’s dairy farm. I am involved in 4H, FFA, and junior fair board for my county fair. I have shown dairy cattle at the fair since I was two years old. I have taught other youth in my 4H and FFA about showing. I am a part of my FFA chapter’s dairy evaluation team as well as coaching the other members. I have also competed in the dairy handler career development event at the state FFA contest. Next year I am taking a mentoring class where I will be working alongside my Ag teacher to help improve our Ag 3 course which is a dairy science class, with the goal of promoting the dairy industry to other students. Also, I am taking another class where I will be completing an independent agricultural study on dairy cattle. When I am not busy with school, 4H, FFA, or the fair board I enjoy helping on the farm. I milk cows, keep records, help wherever I’m needed, and my favorite is spoiling my cows. After high school, I plan on attending UW River Falls to expand my passion of agriculture with Dairy Science or Agricultural Education. In addition, I want to be a part of the Dairy club and Dairy judging team on campus.

Overall, I can’t express enough the love I have for my cows. I know that no matter how hard my day was, I can go to the barn and they will find my smile. I get lost in the herd for hours. You know it’s a good day when my arms, hair, and face are covered with slobber and feed. However, my favorite moments are when I walk in the barn and all the heads turn and their eyes light up because they are just as excited as I am to see them. I have always known I wanted my senior pictures taken with my cows, but wasn’t sure if we could find a photographer that would really understand my bond with my cattle. I would be thrilled if you took my senior pictures!                         

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{Scandinavia Senior Session | Dayne | Class of 2020} After a little rescheduling we found a (very warm) but nice evening for Dayne's senior shoot!

This photogenic guy made my job pretty easy and we had plenty of great photo ops in and around our small Wisconsin town.  

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{Waupaca Senior | Hailey | Class of 2020} This year's senior picture season got off to a flying start! Hailey had some really awesome props to include in her session, including a classic car and an airplane. We had lots of great help from her family and friends coordinating everything and we even had a sudden cloudburst that brought some really dramatic skies and a gorgeous rainbow to top it all off. Hailey and her family were a pleasure to work with. The sky is the limit for this smart and talented young lady!


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{Farmer Photo Project | Fer-Crest Dairy} The mission of my farmer photo project is to is to encourage farmers by providing them with images that tell the story of the passion, persistence and hard work they put into a sometimes thankless profession. Farming is truly a family oriented lifestyle centered around animals and the land and I want to share that simple, challenging and beautiful life with everyone who will stop and take notice in this series of blog posts. The second farm in my "Farmer Photo Project" series is Fer-Crest Farms. Here is their story: 

Fer-Crest Dairy is owned and operated by Brandon and Shianne Ferry who are raising their children Bryleigh and Ryker on the farm. They starting farming on their own in November 2010 and in April 2012 purchased a farm and moved the herd to their current location in Hilbert, Wisconsin. 

The farm sits on 40 acres where they milk 70 registered Holsteins and Jerseys with a BAA of 111.8

The Ferry family exhibits cattle at various shows throughout the year.  

The couple both grew up on dairy farms and want to be able to raise their children, Bryleigh (3 years) and Ryker (14 months), the same way that they were raised. Farming teaches kids responsibility, a strong work ethic and other life skills.

The Ferry family is able to work together, play together and make a life together.




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{Farmer Photo Project | J-Springs Dairy} The mission of my farmer photo project is to encourage farmers by providing them with images that

tell the story of the passion, persistence and hard work they put into a sometimes thankless profession.

Farming is truly a family oriented lifestyle centered around animals and the land and I want

to share that simple, challenging, and beautiful life with everyone who will stop and take notice in this series

of blog posts. The first farm in my "Farmer Photo Project" series is  J-Springs Dairy. Here is their story: 

It hasn’t been an easy ride. We have definitely faced our ups and downs just like most farm families. Overcoming adversity and hardship has always been a common theme. When the going gets tough, the tough just get going. There will always be trouble and issues that come up, but we work together as a family to overcome any issue that arises.

 John and Judy Springstroh purchased the farm back in 1965. It was a basic place, and was able to house 40 cows but that was about it. In the next few years, John went on to really modernize the place, doubled the herd size, bought neighboring farms, and built up the farm to what you see today. He died at the age of 37 in 1980. Judy hardly missed a beat and took over the farm while raising three kids. With the help of a few awesome family members and friends, they helped with everything around the farm and helped keep it going. Currently the farm is in a partnership between Judy and her two daughters, Tami and Amber. Small updates were made along the way, but all in all the farm was preserved from the way it was in 1980. More recently bigger updates that were needed have been started, and some of them completed.

 We are still currently in the updating phase and are trying to make improvements to aid in cow comfort. With the milk price where it is at right now, we have tried to do as much work ourselves as we can to make those improvements happen. It hasn’t been an easy road, but we have been seeing the fruits of our labor paying off.

 The farm means a lot to our family. It has been a safe place to raise the next generation. It has been a place where a good work ethic actually means something. It has been a place where we can experience God’s blessings every single day. We have laughed, cried, sweat, and bled with each other, sometimes all in the same day. We have cherished every moment, good and bad. The farm has been a place to go with all the stress of the world and just sit around and think. It has been a place where a lot of problems arise, but those problems get met with solutions. We have dreams, but we know the work that has to go into those dreams to make them become a reality. There are so many life lessons that are learned only on the farm that we take it for granted sometimes.

Life around the farm definitely isn’t for everyone, but for some of us, it is the only thing we know. The long days, the cold nights, the lack of sleep, and the stress we encounter are countered with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets, the gift of new life and new beginnings, a second chance, family, hard work, and dedication. I have always had my family by my side, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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{Winter Photography Tips | Educational} Did you know that winter is one my favorite seasons for photography?

I love photographing all year long... but winter really is an underrated time of year to bring the camera out!


Tip #1: Winter afternoon light is great because it has a softer quality and comes from a lower angle than in the summer months. 

It's perfect for capturing dreamy backlight, which just so happens to be my favorite! 


Tip #2: Bright white snow acts as a huge natural reflector which illuminates your subject beautifully

and also minimizes colors casts like those green tones you might see in summer from grass and leaves! 


Tip #3: Don't let negative temperatures stop you!

Simply dress for the weather and make sure you wear gloves so you don't miss out on some really great photo opportunities.

This particular images was taken at 22 degrees fahrenheit below zero! 


Tip #4: Frost can add a lot of visual interest to detail shots! 


Tip #5: Snow also adds a wonderful element of interest to photos.

You might have a challenge focusing at times because the falling snow may fool the camera's focus

and throw your subject out of focus. You may want to try manual focus or just be prepared to take multiple snaps. 

I hope you enjoyed this short series of tips! If you have questions feel free to share them. Happy winter shooting! 

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{Jacqui and her horses | Equestrian Portraits | Winter Photography} I recently visited my friend Jacqui and enjoyed photographing her horses! 


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{Personal | Farewell | Glamour} I’m not one for a lot of words; but man, am I going to miss this cow.

I’m going to miss calling her name and seeing her turn her head and look for me.

I’m going to miss seeing her play “boss cow” at the feed bunk.

I’m going to miss when she just sits there and waits for me to come over and give her a good scratch.

I’m going to miss always seeing her laying in the same stall, her favorite one on the northeast corner of the barn.

I’m going miss the sassy way she chews her cud and throws her head.

I’m going to miss the way she willingly “accepts” my hugs.

I’m going to miss having her as my ever-willing bovine photography model.  

Farewell, my old friend, I’m going to miss you!


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{Creative Inspiration | Behind the Lens | What Inspires my Photography} What inspires me as a photographer and gets my creative gears moving?

Light! Soft light, hard light, back light, winter light, autumn light, low light...

Sometimes while I'm working at the farm I see such gorgeous light I just HAVE to run and get my camera! There are times I can't stop working so I just try to soak in the magical light, but it does drives me crazy when I don't have time to capture it.

I make mental notes about how light translates in certain situations so I can use that inspiration future photo shoots. 

One of my favorite ways to recharge and play with the light and creative ideas is simply walk around the farm with my camera. 

I enjoy shooting all year long and in all sorts of weather, this adds a lot a variety and creative potential.

I absolutely love shooting in the snow. It adds such a neat look to images! 

My clients come up with awesome ideas as well, the creative process can be a group effort! 

Trying new angles, perspectives, focal lengths and lighting situations help keep things fresh. 

I hope you enjoyed this short insight into my creative process! 

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{Year in Review | 2018 | Part Two}

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{Year in Review | 2018 | Part One}

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{Fall Engagement Session on the farm | Devin & Kayla}