Farmgirl Photography | {Educational | Forget Location | It's all about the light!}

{Educational | Forget Location | It's all about the light!}

March 13, 2017  •  2 Comments

I always try to help my clients find great locations for their photographs, but guess what? Location isn't super important. It's really all about the light. Beautiful light can take any location from ho-hum to stunning. And vice versa, a seemingly picturesque spot can translate poorly on camera. 

A humble feed manger is a dusty barn is transformed into a glowing scene with the help of a little back light! 

Simply facing your subject towards a window and cropping in tight lends beautiful dimensional light and minimizes distractions. 

A field of weeds makes the perfect soft unassuming background to capture portraits!

If you can find a tree or two place it between your camera and the sun and you have a perfect luminescent backdrop! The most flattering rich light in the world can often be found just inside the door of a barn! 

A simple concrete surface acts as a wonderful reflector giving off a nice even light for portraits. 

As the sun sets let the light fall directly on your subject for some rich color. 

You can take a silhouette pretty much anywhere! Just look for an open horizon and get down low to include a lot of sky! 



Michelle Littlefield(non-registered)
I love your work its so beautiful you take pride and thats what counts ..every picture every frame is so specail ..I Love every single picture. God Bless keep posting ..ill keep loving
OOH! Love these- especially the tractor one!! :) You do AMAZING work!! :)

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