{Year in Review | 2015 Highlights | part 1}

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2015 was an amazing year of photography...I am so grateful for all the opportunities I was blessed with! 

At the beginning of the year I got to photograph the Deets family and their brand new daughter

Some sweet moments of joy after a long adoption process...

That day I also got to meet up with a dear friend for coffee and a photo shoot...my two favorite things! ;)

At the farm, we welcomed a set of twins heifers.

"Trick" and "Treat" were the result of a single embryo splitting so they are identical....and pretty darn cute! 

I photographed a neighbor's beef calves for a stock photo assignment...they were all sorts of adorable. 

My cousin Katie and I had a photo shoot with Glamour, a cow she and I own along with my brother Ethan.

It would be no exaggeration to say that Glamour is one of this most important parts of my life! 

As a great bonus, I was able to sell some of the "Glamour images" for dairy marketing. 

I am constantly taking photos of our many baby calves. We have about fifty new babies born each month.

This little cutie is "Fairydust," she's one of the nicest looking and friendliest heifers in our pens now. I love her face marking. 

Another frisky baby...

This is Amber, one of the best cows we have ever had on our farm, photographed in our milking cow barn.

If you aren't real familiar with dairy cows the quality of their udder (mammary system) is a big deal,

farmers are looking for high and wide udders...that's why this photo's taken from behind, to show off Amber's great udder!

I snapped some shots of my little brother Ryan and his girlfriend Bailey ready for prom...don't they look sharp?

I am so excited every spring to see green grass and be able to let the cows out on pasture again!

An everyday miracle...birth's are a common occurrence on the farm. But, usually, I am too busy to take a photo ;)

The same new baby...feisty and running around soon after birth. 

This was a very fun family session....little Sophie was the star along with her cows, puppies, and pony! 

This photo was taken for the Holstein magazine, Hotspots, they did a feature on our Sapphire cow family. 

Had a "just for fun" photo session with my cousins at the farm. 

I am truly blessed to be able to call "America's Dairyland" my home!

My brother got a new puppy! The cutest thing...his name is "Hemi"...what a little troublemaker!

It's always special to see the corn shoot up in the spring and neat to watch it grow to way above your head by fall. 

This cow and calf pair of my neighbor's were pretty photogenic. I could title this one "mini me"

Two sisters....the calf sticking her tongue out is appropriately named "Mischief" 

A fun photo shoot with my little friend and neighbor, Lilly. It's been great to have Lilly help work on the farm.

She has so much enthusiasm to learn about cows and take care of calves! 

My cousin's two little girls are simply adorable...I got to photograph them both in the spring and fall this year! 

I took some shots of the Iola-Scandinavia football seniors, one of which was my youngest brother Ryan. 

He did a great job all season, being named first team all-conference as an offensive and defensive lineman. 

I was blessed to be able to take a few days away from the farm and visit a new photographer friend in Indiana.

It was a fun adventure and a nice change of pace from the daily farm routine!

Mmmm...one of my favorite flowers...one of the many reasons I love late spring/early summer! 

Another cutie from the farm! 

My brother's little pup is getting bigger! Hard to get a picture because he won't hold still. ;)

A fun photo shoot with the residents at Mountain View Cattle! 

Once again I was able to work with Accelerated Genetics, making images for their use. 

Aren't these to the cutest? I love the way they posed for me. 

An extended family photo session! 

Next up, I got to photograph Cody and Charle's fabulous wedding! 

I love the love between these two cousins...makes your heart smile! 

The pup is getting bigger...and no less squirmy! 

Check out this beautiful white calf, she's quite striking! 

The first senior session of the year was fantastic....a beautiful red headed senior and equine! 

My family enjoyed a great vacation to door county...here we are bumming at the beach.

I visited some farmer neighbors to get a photo for the National Dairy Shrine, while I as there I snapped this gem...

Another senior session with horses! I absolutely love sessions with horses or cows involved. 

'tis the season for senior sessions! Megan's cow filled photo shoot was worth the trip! 

Wow! That was just the first HALF of 2015. Stay tuned for part two! 


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