Farmgirl Photography: Blog en-us (C) Farmgirl Photography (Farmgirl Photography) Sat, 12 Aug 2017 16:45:00 GMT Sat, 12 Aug 2017 16:45:00 GMT Farmgirl Photography: Blog 120 70 { Waupaca Senior | Class of 2018 | Katie} We had a perfectly beautiful sunny evening for Katie's senior session shot in the Iola-Scandinavia area. 

Katie and her mom Jessica were wonderful to work with. How fun are the prom dress pictures? And boy, does that blue bring out Katie's eyes! 

Katie even got to jump in the water at the end of our shoot, capping of a great session! 

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{Manawa Senior Session | Anya | Class of 2018} Anya was a joy to work with! We met at the park to start the shoot and almost got carried away by the bugs but were still able to get some really neat images in the water. We included Anya's beautiful dog in a few shots too; but my favorite part of the session was with the horse of course! Anya's paint mare Fancy, lived up to her name and the two made a very photogenic pair. 

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{Scandinavia Senior Session with Horses and Puppies | Courtney | Class of 2018} Courtney's senior session was so much fun! The day was overcast and humid, but the sun peaked out at just the right times and even stayed out for some really gorgeous sunset shots. It was great to have so much help with the session, especially since we included two horses and two dogs! This beautiful young lady definitely has a way with animals as you can tell from the following images...not everyone can lope a horse bareback in a sundress and make it look effortless! 

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{Waupaca Senior Session | Mya | Class of 2018} Mya is the sweetest individual you'd ever hope to meet! Her smile and laugh are contagious and made her session so much fun! We had a gorgeous sunny evening for Mya's portraits and found some really neat spots at her grandfather's farm. We even climbed inside a feeder and old corn crib! Mya is such a photogenic person and her wonderful personality shines through in front of the camera. It was a joy to spend an evening photographing this radiant young lady! 

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{Bertmar Farms | Bovine Portraits} It was wonderful to be able to visit Bertmar Farms and photograph their beautiful bovine ladies again.  Asia, Atlanta, and Kandie were amazing subjects, along with some of their offspring. The more animals you have in one shot; the more challenging capturing the right moments becomes, but also the more rewarding the resulting images become too! Erica came up with the great idea of trying powder paint for some creative shots at the end of our session and the results were spectacular! 

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{Engagement Session on the farm | Ethan & Courtlynn} If you're related to the photographer there is a good chance it might be a while before your engagement photos get blogged! 

I had a blast photographing my brother Ethan and his fiancee Courtlynn around our home farm last summer. 

The best part was making them stand under the irrigation for some fun shots at the end! 

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{Personal Post | Balancing Act} A little update on Farmgirl Photography...straight from the heart!

It's been a huge blessing to have my passion for photography blossom into a successful and growing business.  I also really enjoy being able to work with cows and calves all day long because of my full time job on our family's dairy farm. However, success and busyness in life also brings with it more there only being twenty four hours in a day! It's been wonderful to work with understanding family who allow me to sneak away from the farm for my photo shoots when need be.

Despite my best coffee-fueled intentions, however; after extremely busy summers of photography and farm work, I began to realize that I was doing myself and others a disservice. Trying to swing two "full time" jobs meant my life was out of balance. I was putting work above my own health and my relationships with those around me. Thought and prayer led me to the realization that some things needed to change before I burnt myself out and lost my inspiration. 

 One decision I made was to stop shooting weddings, even though I really enjoyed it and had great clients it was a very time consuming undertaking. In contrast, engagement and senior sessions are less time consuming and allow for plenty of creativity, so I will still being shooting them as often as I can! Allowing myself to say "no" even to some opportunities I was very excited about; though difficult- has been very freeing and has allowed me to say "yes" to the right things. 

By no means will I be abandoning my camera. I will be making time for those things that I really love photographing: people and their animals! But, I will also be making time in my life for my health and my relationships by saying "no" a little more often and putting the important things first. Thank you all for supporting my photography journey...2017 is going to be the best year yet! 

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{Educational | Forget Location | It's all about the light!} I always try to help my clients find great locations for their photographs, but guess what? Location isn't super important. It's really all about the light. Beautiful light can take any location from ho-hum to stunning. And vice versa, a seemingly picturesque spot can translate poorly on camera. 

A humble feed manger is a dusty barn is transformed into a glowing scene with the help of a little back light! 

Simply facing your subject towards a window and cropping in tight lends beautiful dimensional light and minimizes distractions. 

A field of weeds makes the perfect soft unassuming background to capture portraits!

If you can find a tree or two place it between your camera and the sun and you have a perfect luminescent backdrop! The most flattering rich light in the world can often be found just inside the door of a barn! 

A simple concrete surface acts as a wonderful reflector giving off a nice even light for portraits. 

As the sun sets let the light fall directly on your subject for some rich color. 

You can take a silhouette pretty much anywhere! Just look for an open horizon and get down low to include a lot of sky! 


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{2016 | Year in Review | Part 2} I love looking back at the end of the year and reliving so many great moments!

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{2016 | Year in Review | Part 1} I love looking back at the end of the year and reliving so many great moments!

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{Autumn Family and Senior Session on the Farm | The Bestul Family} Farm families are awesome as a general rule, and the Bestul family is no exception!

It has been my pleasure to photograph this great group of people a few different times in recent years.

This time we also did senior photos for Tiffany, how perfectly does the fall foliage complement her red hair!?

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{Payton | Senior Session on the Farm | Class of 2017} Payton's senior session had plenty of action and props...and the weather was perfect...a sunny fall day!

I got to take pictures of this daring senior jumping his dirt bike high in the air...a definite first for me.

Payton is a farm boy who plans on keeping farm in his future. It's always great to hear about people carrying on their family farming legacy!


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{Kayla & Justin | Autumn Engagement session on the Farm} This session was perfect! It was so much fun being able to take engagement photos for a long time friend and her fiancé.

When we started the shoot we had an overcast sky which allowed for some amazing reflections of fall color in the lake.

Happily, the sun did come out just in time for photos at Kayla's home farm, with cows, a calf and their puppy!


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{The Trapp Family | Autumn Portrait Session } I enjoyed taking family portraits for the Trapp family!

The rolling wooded hills surrounding their home provided some beautiful fall color for some of the images.

It's hard to beat kids and calves...How cute are these youngsters with their Brown Swiss heifers?


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{Danielle & Kyle | Sweetheart Session on the farm} It's an honor to have a fellow photographer ask you to take photos for them!

Danielle and Kyle were great to work with and I always enjoy sessions with animals included.

Although it was an overcast day, the sun was kind enough to lend it's light for at least a few moments during the shoot.

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{Mandy & Graisson | Engagement Session at World Dairy Expo} I was so excited when my friend Mandy asked me to photograph their engagement session! World Dairy Expo is a special location for Mandy and Graisson and it definitely was a great place for photos. Willow trees have always been one of my favorite backdrops, add a great couple and their heifers and I'm a happy photographer!


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{Senior Session | Spencer | Waupaca Class of 2017} After a bit of rescheduling we had a perfect sunny morning for Spencer's sunrise senior session.

Spencer's family lives in a beautiful and historic area with lots of great photo opportunities all in walking distance!

With such pleasant company and great weather the shoot was a fun one.




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{Jody & Danica | The Derks Wedding | Tansy Hill Farm} Tansy Hill Farm in the rolling landscape of central Wisconsin was a great location for the Derk's September wedding! Jody and Danica chose to have a "first look" before they exchanged vows. It was a wonderful opportunity to capture some great emotion and gave us plenty of time for portraits of the couple and their bridal party. The pace of the whole day was beautifully serene and full of smiles, love and friendship. The cloud cover rolled in just in time for the ceremony but the sunset showed up at the end of the day for some final pictures of the happy couple! Congratulations Jody and Danica...your love and care for each other shines!  



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{Courtney | Senior Session on the Farm | Class of 2017} This photo opportunity was one of my favorites this year! We had perfect weather for the shoot and not one but two different bovines included. Courtney was a natural in front of the camera and made some fun choices for outfits including "cow print" boots! The session was purchased for the Junior Holstein Association Scholarship fund...thanks to the Moser family for their support!



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{Hannah | Senior Session on the farm | Class of 2017} This session was so much fun...including a very photogenic senior and her favorite bovines!

A first for me was getting Hannah's heifer Miss Me down in the river for some shots.

This beautiful session was capped off by a gorgeous sunset!


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