Farmgirl Photography: Blog en-us (C) Farmgirl Photography (Farmgirl Photography) Wed, 07 Mar 2018 00:54:00 GMT Wed, 07 Mar 2018 00:54:00 GMT Farmgirl Photography: Blog 120 70 {Horses in the Snow} When a girl gets a new lens she immediately needs to test it out! These images were all taken with by Sigma 135 1.8 Art. 

Thank you Kelly, Mia, & Courtney and their boys for being willing models on a snowy Saturday!

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{2017 | Year in Review | Part Two}

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{2017 | Year in Review | Part One}

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{Dairy Farm photo session | The B Long Family} Dairy farmers in general are a great group of hard working and down to earth people. This family is no different and they are some of the kindest people I know! They have a lot of love for black and white cows and do a great job caring for their beautiful ladies! Enjoy this glimpse of B Long Holsteins on the blog....both human and bovine family members! 

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{Coffee house Engagement Session on a rainy fall day | Chanel & Michael} It's not every day you have the privilege of photographing your best friend's engagement session! Chanel and Michael made the best of a rainy October day. Since the couple are coffee lovers we met up for a few shots at a local coffee house before we ventured outside into the raindrops. 


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{Equestrian Senior Session | Maddi | Class of 2018} I can't believe I'm sharing the last senior session of the year! It was my privilege to work with another great group of young people this past summer. Maddi's senior session was filled with horses (which was totally OK with me!). Happily, we were able to catch the last burst of fall colors. I was thrilled when the sun popped out for some beautifully backlit images. As you will noticed from the following images Maddi definitely has a passion for animals, especially the four legged equine kind! 



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{Senior Session at World Dairy Expo | Danielle | Class of 2018} I met up with Danielle, a senior from Illinois, at World Dairy Expo to capture some senior portraits for her!  I love photographing with willow trees as the backdrop, and the pond and willows on the expo grounds are nothing short of iconic. It was a pleasure to work with this Milking Shorthorn queen! 

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{Stevens Point Senior Session | Kara | Class of 2018} It definitely felt like fall for Kara's senior session! We had a bit of a chilly and overcast day, but thankfully,without rain. Kara was a willing subject and fun to work with. She even agreed to laying down on the sidewalk in the leaves...I'd say it was worth it! I loved the contrast between her comfy sweater and sneakers and the brick buildings. 


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{Senior Session on the Farm| Breanna | Class of 2018} Breanna's warm and talkative personality made her a joy to work with. We had a beautiful sunshine filled and breezy September day for her session. It was fun to add some bovine color in front of my camera with Breanna's Jersey and Guernsey heifers! 

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{Waupaca Senior Session | Katie | Class of 2018} We had a perfect sunny evening for Katie's senior pictures! It was definitely starting to feel like fall and we even got a little autumnal color in some of the images. Katie has the best smile and was an absolute pleasure to work with! 

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{Waupaca Senior Session | Sydni | Class of 2018} Sydni's session took place on a crisp and sunny September morning. Sydni's mom and sister helped out with the photo shoot and helped supply the laughs and smiles! This family is a joy to work with. During our session Sydni shared a little bit about her recent experience as an exchange student in Lithuana. I think it's safe to say this young lady has the wanderlust! 


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{Senior Session at the Red Mill | Kali | Class of 2018} You know it's a great session when you get treated to ice cream afterwards! 

I had an enjoyable evening get to know Kali and her mother a little during her session at the Red Mill in Waupaca. 

This bright and energetic young lady was a pleasure to work with!

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{Iola-Scandinavia Senior | Mia | Class of 2018} I'm always excited for a senior session including animals and Mia's photo shoot was no exception! Mia's helpful family members brought her beautiful palomino and buckskin mares out to the farm for photos. This young lady has the most photogenic smile...and boy do those blue eyes pop! We had a perfectly sunny evening and a great time together capturing these images!




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{Waupaca Senior Session | Solia | Class of 2018} I had a lovely evening getting to know Solia a little bit and capturing her senior portraits. Solia has a love for water so we made sure to include that in the settings we picked for her session. Solia has a natural grace about her and a beautiful smile as you can see in the images below! How beautiful is that maroon top with the long grass and perfect sunshine?

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{Iola Scandinavia Senior Session | Jared | Class of 2018} I've enjoyed photographing Jared's family for a while...maybe that's why he was so comfortable in front of the camera! I can't believe this young man is already a senior. Jared is an avid outdoorsman so we captured some neat shots with his bow. I think the silhouette image looks like it belongs in a hunting magazine or Cabela's advertisement! 

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{Wautoma Senior Session | Miranda | Class of 2018} We had a perfect sunlit evening for Miranda's senior session and a lot a great help from her family and friends. Miranda had some creative ideas in mind which were super fun to capture. I loved photographing Miranda's with her Jersey cow...the pair were very photogenic together! How beautiful are those prom dress pictures?  Miranda's eyes turned blue to match her dress!

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{Waupaca Senior Session | Rainy | Class of 2018} This senior session was so much fun!  Our first stop was one of the beautiful lakes around Waupaca. At our next location, Wobbles, Rainy's adorable pup, was also a highlight of the photo shoot. My absolute favorite part of our session was wrapping up at the county fair. The rides and lights made an awesome backdrop and Rainy even enjoyed some cotton candy while we were at it! 

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{Iola Scandinavia Senior Session | Connor | Class of 2018} Connor's senior pictures were taken on his family's farm, where I got my first look at a ginseng field. We got his session in right after football practice. This guy was a good sport even though he was feeling a little under the weather! 


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{Bear Creek Senior Session | Taylor | Class of 2018} I had a wonderful senior session with Taylor! We didn't have a sunny evening for the shoot, but we did find sunflowers to include and Taylor's smile and sweet personality brightened up the images. We had lots of great help from Taylor's family members and found some fun locations around their farm. Keep rocking those cowboy boots Taylor! 

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{Waupaca Senior Session | Sydney |Class of 2018} Sydney's senior shoot was a sunrise session! The beautiful sunlight and was worth the early hour...In my opinion ;) This young lady was so much fun to spend time with. How adorable are those blue eyes and dimples?  This senior likes her boots almost as much as I do...which is a lot! I loved her down to earth and friendly personality which shines through in the photos below! 

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